Top CEOs Prioritize Customer Experience But Not Marketing: IBM Report

You can bet your CEO doesn’t worry about missing cookies or stale pastries: she has staff for that. In fact, she probably isn’t thinking about marketing at all. This IBM survey found that just 19% of CEOs said their CMO held a critical role, compared with 57% for CFOs, 56% for COOs, and 39% for CIO/CTO. Only Chief Human Resources Officers ranked lower. While customer experience was a top priority, high-performing CEOs said new ecosystems and better data were the most important tools for improving it and put personalization dead last. Oddly enough, underperforming CEOs had the order reversed.

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Adwerx Raises $14.5 Million for Personalized B2B Ads

November 29, 2021

Adverx has just raised $14.5 million for “Customer Relationship Advertising,” which certainly sounds intriguing.  What they do is to generats personalized ads for individuals targeted by business-to-business sales teams, and then maks those ads “passively ‘follow’ each salesperson’s current clients and prospects (pulled from the CRM) as they browse the web and social media”.  Annoying and creepy and it probably works.

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