Vertify Buys Synthio to Enrich B2B Data

Lots of action in the world of B2B data management right now. Here’s Vertify buying Synthio. The two businesses fit together nicely: Vertify is an integration platform that moves data between B2B systems while Synthio provides contact data to enrich existing profiles and add new names.

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Voice-Assisted Shopping Fell Sharply in Last Year: Episerver Survey

February 25, 2020

More people have concluded it’s a bad idea to put an always-on, internet-connected microphone in their house. Or, at least, they’ve decided not to buy things through it: just 7% of global consumers said they use a voice-assisted device to complete purchases multiple times each month in this Episerver survey, far down from 17% in last year’s survey. Voice-based product search fell from 22% to 8%. Added evidence of shifting attitudes: 53% said they want more anonymity while just 28% want more personalization.

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Bombora Offers B2B Ad Targeting and Personalization Based on Content Consumption

June 2, 2023

Bombora has launched Visitor Insights, a consent-based website tag that tracks the topics a device has consumed.   It infers intent, job function, management level, and other information that B2B publishers can use for ad targeting and personalization.  This Bombora report shows intent trends by industry: for example, media and advertising users show 70% more interest in Customer Data Platforms than they did last year.

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