Vertify Buys Synthio to Enrich B2B Data

Lots of action in the world of B2B data management right now. Here’s Vertify buying Synthio. The two businesses fit together nicely: Vertify is an integration platform that moves data between B2B systems while Synthio provides contact data to enrich existing profiles and add new names.

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Voice-Assisted Shopping Fell Sharply in Last Year: Episerver Survey

February 25, 2020

More people have concluded it’s a bad idea to put an always-on, internet-connected microphone in their house. Or, at least, they’ve decided not to buy things through it: just 7% of global consumers said they use a voice-assisted device to complete purchases multiple times each month in this Episerver survey, far down from 17% in last year’s survey. Voice-based product search fell from 22% to 8%. Added evidence of shifting attitudes: 53% said they want more anonymity while just 28% want more personalization.

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