Wurl Introduces Connected TV Marketplace

The search for scale is really a quest for independence from Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Connected TV is another escape path offered by many players. One is Wurl, which just launched AdPool, a marketplace for video producers to sell their connected TV inventories. The scale is there: connected TV now accounts for half of all video ad impressions, according to this Extreme Reach study.

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80% of Companies Use Home-Built Martech: Mailjet Survey

October 7, 2019

Despite all the martech products available today, custom software is alive and well.  About 60% of US and UK marketers told Mailjet they have built their own marketing technology and another 20% have a project under way. Home-grown systems are harder to use but the cost of switching keeps many companies locked in. Click here for a summary and here for tons of interesting detail on pros and cons of each option.

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MediaMath Promises 100% Accountable and Addressable Media Supply Chain

October 3, 2019

Adtech vendor MediaMath has pledged to deliver a “100 percent accountable and addressable supply chain by the end of 2020”, via a cooperative project called SOURCE. It’s a bit unclear what’s involved (at least to me), but the commitment to “righting the wrongs of a digital advertising industry” that has “gotten lost in fraud, waste, and irrelevance” taps into a mad-as-hell-and-we-won’t-take-it spirit within the advertising world and beyond.

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