YouTube Highlights Reliable Election Info Without Blocking the Rest

Social media sites are often, and rightly, criticized for failing to spread misinformation.  YouTube just announced its efforts for the upcoming U.S. elections, which will focus on recommending content from authoritative sources like PBS and The Wall Street Journal, and offering “information panels” with links to voting information.  They’re also “identifying borderline content and keeping it from being widely recommended” which isn’t exactly the same as labeling or blocking it altogether.

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Taboola Offers Curated News Feed on Smartphone Screens

September 7, 2022

Taboola is intercepting users before they visit any web site by placing a news feed on home screens on Samsung, Xioami, Oppo, and other smartphones.  The links will go to a web page that features advertising and then send users to the original news sources, which will be Taboola-curated reliable news sources.   This entirely avoids the challenge of moderating user-sourced content that plagues social media.

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