83% of U.S. Consumers Don’t Find Personalized Ads Helpful: Cheetah Digital Study

Sticking with news from martech vendors, cross-channel solution provider and CDP vendor Cheetah Digital released a massive Econsultancy report on consumer shopping behavior, privacy concerns, communication channels, loyalty, and other topics across six countries. Headline finding: just 17% of U.S. consumers find personalized ads helpful. But there’s tons more.

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Just 29% of Marketers Orchestrate Customer Treatments Based on Real Time Behavior: CMO Council

April 6, 2020

Marketers are struggling to react quickly to customer behavior: half need more than one week to measure campaign impact, according to this CMO Council report. Even worse, just 29% orchestrate customer treatments based on real time behavior and 81% feel they are not fully meeting customer expectations. Disconnected systems and data complexity rank high on the list of obstacles.

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SurveyMonkey Offers Do-It-Yourself Market Research

April 2, 2020

SurveyMonkey is making it easier for non-experts to run their own market research projects by bundling research designs, a global survey panel, and AI-driven results analysis. They’ve released seven packages, called Expert Solutions, to analyze ad creative, video creative, product concepts, packaging design, logo design, brand names, and messaging statements. Who said AI would replace truck drivers first?

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ArcSpan DMP Lets Publishers Monetize Visitors Without Cookies

June 1, 2023

A cookieless DMP?  Sounds crazy, no?  Yet here is our little village of…oh wait, sorry.  Too much musical theater.  What I meant to say is that ArcSpan calls itself a DMP but, unlike the traditional kind, builds and sells segments based on page contents and custom audience attention metrics.  This lets publishers charge more for impressions that are not tied to addressable individuals.  Radical!

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