Adobe Real-time CDP Adds Privacy Data Governance

Adobe has expanded the data governance capabilities in its Real-time CDP, enabling users to label data based on its privacy status and use the labels to define and enforce usage restrictions. The company positions the enhancements as a way to empower users outside of IT. Yep,we’re talking Citizen Data Governors, although Adobe hasn’t yet used the term.

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Pandemic-Added Customers Are Quick to Leave: Braze Survey

August 14, 2020

How loyal are new customers acquired during the pandemic? Not very, according to this Braze survey. While 26% of consumers have tried at least one new brand during the pandemic, their retention rate is 82% lower than customers added during previous non-COVID, non-holiday periods. A whopping 91% said they’ll consider how brands behaved during the pandemic when deciding where to shop in the future.

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Dynata Buys Sharpr and LoopMe Adds CTV Coverage

August 12, 2020

Want more news about data-based research? Here’s another twofer. Dynata, which builds research panels drawing on more than 62 million consumer and business profiles, just bought Sharpr, which helps companies share research results internally. And LoopMe, which runs digital ad campaigns and surveys consumers to see the impact on brand attitudes, announced they’re now offering near-real-time feedback on connected TV campaigns. They have data on 90 million U.S. households and 250 million devices.

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