Advertising ID Consortium Adds New Members

I can’t quite decide if this item is significant, but it’s pretty clear there won’t be much real news this week, so what the heck. The item in question is an announcement from the Advertising ID Consortium that they’ve added a bunch of new members. The Consortium provides standard identifiers for devices and for people. So in theory it could be an important way to scale programmatic advertising audiences. What’s not clear to me is how much advantage the Consortium offers over stand-alone offerings from founding Consortium members AppNexus, Index Exchange, and LiveRamp.

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Video Is Eating the Paid Media World: Magisto

December 22, 2017

Let’s wind up the year with some topics that we expect to be important in 2018. We’ll start with a pair of studies from video production tool vendor Magisto, which found American businesses spent $135 billion in 2017 on all types of video (not just marketing). The primary distribution channels are social media and company Web sites, so money for video is coming out of paid advertising budgets. Kind of a big deal.

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Workforce Quality Is True Key to Retail Success: RSR Research

December 19, 2017

So, is it game over for retailers? Should they turn their stores into vast couch showrooms and sell popcorn as customers purchase online? The seriously smart folks at Retail Systems Research don’t think so: they’ve found that successful retailers feel employees should take the initiative in engaging with customers, not just wait for technology to tell them what to do. And, RSR argues employers should invest in quality workers – even raising wages! – to make this possible. That’s crazy talk.

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Salesforce Offers Free Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud Customers

February 21, 2024

Salesforce is offering a free version of its CDP-esq Data Cloud to Sales and Service Cloud customers, with the apparent goal of increasing use of Marketing Cloud.  The Data Cloud offers Marketing Cloud users a unified view of data in Salesforce clouds and other systems via no-copy access to cloud databases and Mulesoft connectors.  The company also unveiled a small business edition of Marketing Cloud.

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