Audience Serv Buys Emailbidding for Email Prospecting Campaigns

Email offers precise targeting without cookies but anti-spam laws make it hard to reach new customers.  Portugal-based Emailbidding somehow gets around that problem with a service that lets advertisers bid on emails to external lists.  They were just bought by Berlin-based Audience Serv, which also sells email prospecting campaigns but apparently without the fancy bidding mechanism.

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Precise TV Offers Contextual Targeting for Connected TV

January 26, 2022

When all the cookie dust has settled, contextual targeting may be the only way to reach mass audiences.  So let’s note that Precise TV, a “kid-safe contextual advertising platform for YouTube”, has extended its reach to connected TV through a deal with video content classification vendor IRIS.TV.  Back in the day, all TV ad buys were fundamentally contextual, but that was when media buyers chose from, like, five channels.

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Industry Slams Anti-Surveillance Ad Act

January 25, 2022
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