CDP CrossEngage Raises $7.6 Million and Merges with GPredictive

CDP CrossEngage is merging with predictive analytics vendor GPredictive, in a deal that also adds €6.5 million ($7.6 million) in new venture funding. The combined firms will operate under the CrossEngage brand although both products will still be sold separately and top managers from both firms will remain at the company.

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(Almost) Two-Thirds of Marketers See Better Analytics as High Priority: Forrester Report

September 24, 2020

Forrester analysts have also been hard at work, with a Google-sponsored study finding that better use of data and analytics is a top-5 priority for 63% of marketers and siloes are the top data challenge (57%). Fewer than half (42%) have a cross-platform view of Web and app analytics, which might seem like a little or a lot. But 84% consider cross-platform analytics critical or very important, so let’s call that glass half empty.

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