CDP Vendor Zeta Buys Survey Platform Apptness

Unlike most B2C CDP vendors, Zeta maintains its own consumer database and identity graph.  They just expanded that side of their operation by purchasing Apptness, a digital survey platform that publishes install on their websites to both improve engagement and to capture intent signals.  Zeta doesn’t call this “zero party data”, but others might.

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BIGtoken and BritePool Merge for Consumer Data Magic

October 6, 2021

BritePool, which does cookie-free ad targeting based on logged-in website visitors, has merged with BIGtoken, which pays consumers to complete surveys, polls, and other interactions on a mobile app. The combined firm will use BigToken’s detailed consumer profiles as the basis for lookalike models that select audiences from the much larger BritePool identity universe. It might not work but sure sounds clever.

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Brandcrush Launches Marketplace for Retailer-Owned Media

October 5, 2021

As obsessions go, being fascinated by the rise of retailer-owned media channels is pretty harmless, I guess.  So it’s probably okay for me to share that Brandcrush recently launched a marketplace to make it easier for retailers to sell ad space across in-store, in-package, and digital interactions.  They say clients can set up their ad sales business in as little as 48 hours, which is great news if you think consumers should see more ads as quickly as possible.

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