Children’s Privacy: Gloves come off in Meta battle against TikTok for young users

All’s fair, it seems, when trying to boost the number of kids using Facebook. That all-important goal has prompted parent company Meta to orchestrate a nationwide – and sometimes deceptive campaign to take down (or at least hobble) its biggest global competitor, TikTok. According to The Washington Post, this effort led by Targeted Victory, a political consulting firm, includes placing op-eds and letters to the editor in newspapers – and even lobbying to present TikTok as a danger to American children and society. And, while TikTok has had its own privacy issues to address, this raises children’s data brinksmanship for business gain to a sordid new level.

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Temperature check of email marketing finds healthy open rate following Apple MPP

April 5, 2022

A HubSpot poll of 300 emailers found that, despite previous alarm that Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection and iOS 15 changes would take a massive toll on open rates (and email marketing overall), the impact has been quite moderate. In fact, 47% were neutral about it, and the rest split almost evenly – with 29% negative, and 24% who felt it was actually positive. However, those that reported it positively were also more likely to be leveraging channels other than email for marketing.

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Amperity Launches New Lakehouse Offering

May 17, 2024

Amperity has launched Lakehouse CDP,  which delivers CDP functions within “lakehouse” data stores including Snowflake and Databricks.  Amperity tools for data modeling, data quality, identity resolution, generative AI, segmentation, and performance measurement will send all results to a company’s own lakehouse rather than a separate Amperity-managed database. Modules can be used independently but the real benefit here is that Amperity is one of the few “composable” CDP vendors who offer a complete set of pre-integrated CDP functions.

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