Confluent Raises $125 Million Series D for Open Source Event Streaming Engine

Stream processing – which treats data as a continuous stream of events – is increasingly important to marketers and CDPs. Confluent, whose founders created the open source Apache Kafka streaming data engine, just raised a $125 million Series D, bringing their total to $206 million. It’s yet another example of open source technology in the marketing stack.

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Salesforce Expands Datorama Integration Capabilities

January 25, 2019

Salesforce still doesn’t call its Datorama acquisition a Customer Data Platform, but they’re continuing to evolve it in CDP-like directions. Latest steps include expanded options to build custom integrations, tighter integration with Salesforce’s own systems, and custom triggers to let other systems act on Datorama results. The focus is still on campaign-level data, not individual customers. But AdExchanger reports that connectors to CRM and other first-party sources are in the works, pulling Datorama ever closer to CDP applications.

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Google Fined $57 Million for GDPR Violations

January 23, 2019

If trust levels do improve, one reason might be that governments are seen as doing a better job of protecting their citizens. News that the French National Data Protection Commission (CNIL) fined Google $57 million for GDPR violations could be a step in the right direction. While $57 million is about three hours’ worth of revenue for Google, what matters is the potential for much higher fines in the future.

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