dbt Labs Raises $220 Million for Easier Data Transformation

Even deeper in the technical weeds, data transformation framework dbt Labs raised a $222 million Series D, bringing total funding to $414 million.  Dbt lets users create programs that it translates into SQL code for database management.  Their vision is to create a “semantic layer” that translates between applications and an underlying cloud database.  How exciting is that?

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noyb privacy activists take aim at cookie banners

March 8, 2022

noyb (a.k.a The Center for Digital Rights – and short for “none of your business”), the NGO led by Max Schrems, sent 270 complaints to websites that used cookie banners deemed non-compliant with GDPR. This is after the group alerted sites and gave a 60-day grace period to change banners before making public complaints. This is the same group that in 2021 got regulators in Austria & France to declare Google Analytics’ data transfers illegal.

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