Facebook to Launch Educational App for Nigerians

Facebook is set to launch “Sabee”, an educational mobile App for Nigerians. The internal Research and Development (R&D) team at Facebook has been working on the app and even conducted a test among Nigerians.

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Splitit Partners with Leading Middle East BNPL Provider tabby

July 1, 2021

Splitit, the company empowering consumers to use their existing credit to spread payments over time, announced a partnership with tabby, the leading Middle East Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider. tabby is the leading BNPL provider serving the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, supporting more than 2,000 merchants, including Ikea, SHEIN, Marks and Spencer, adidas, and Toys R Us. tabby will integrate Splitit’s installment payment platform through a white-label solution to allow tabby’s merchants to offer installments on credit cards.

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Relay42 Partners with digitalAudience for Cross-Device ID Match

December 9, 2022

CDP Relay42 is expanding its cross-device identity matching capabilities through a partnership with digitalAudience, which does that sort of thing.  More specifically, they can activate external audiences through privacy-safe matches against company data, or enrich the company’s own data with external information.  Look-alike modeling, data clean room, deterministic matching: it’s a buzzword bingo bonanza.

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