Few Companies Can Measure Results of Data Investments: HBR Analytic Services Report

This HBR Analytics Services report for Google Cloud tells a similar tale: while 80% of respondents say it’s important to measure the outcomes of their data and analytics investments, just 26% say they’re extremely effective at it.  Leaders are more likely than others to prioritize integration, real time access, machine learning, and open architectures.

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Companies Fall Short of Data-Driven Dreams: Corinium Global Survey

June 23, 2021

I don’t have any real news today, Dear Reader, but can offer a bouquet of fine surveys.  This one by Corinium Global Intelligence for Precisely offers an exceptionally deep dive into business data issues, including differences in data use and prep time by region and industry.   Sadly, just 35% of people report they’d trust a data-driven insight that conflicts with their intuition, and only 13% of companies say most employees can access the data they need for themselves.

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Organization Drives CX Performance: Pointillist, Wpromote Surveys

June 23, 2021

Finally, let’s look at organizational insights from a pair of CX surveys. Pointillist finds that high performers are twice as likely as under performers to have a dedicated journey management team, while Wpromote and Ascend2 report that best-in-class B2B digital marketers more often say that teams outside of marketing have a role in improving CX. Also interesting: just 16% of respondents do journey orchestration although 55% do mapping (Pointillist); 42% have no plans to deal with the loss of third-party cookies (Wpromote).

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