“Free” Google fonts – taking your data on the sly

More than 60 million sites use Google’s fonts, which are free. Now, an investigation has found data from site users is being harvested and sold. Data collected via fonts includes IP addresses and browsing history, which Google then cross-references with other data it holds and sells to advertisers and marketers.

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Assertive Yield and Outbrain Partner to Optimize Native Ad Results

April 25, 2023

Outbrain is a native advertising platform, which means it posts those click-baity stories crowding the margins of many web sites. They’ve just partnered with Assertive Yield, which analyzes the revenue those stories generate. The deal will let Outbrain’s clients optimize their content selections based on real-time performance. It’s one more example of combining data from two sources to tie ads to results.

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Seismic shifts in health industry are shutting down ad spend

April 25, 2023

Legal and compliance teams in healthcare are advising pullbacks from mass data collection and data use pending a clearer understanding the impacts of new regulation and recent actions by government agencies, particularly the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  This follows the FTC imposing fines of $1.5 million on online pharma company GoodRX and $1.8 million on online therapy provider BetterHelp.

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Salesforce Connects AI-Based Marketing Apps with Data from CDP and Google

June 8, 2023

Salesforce kicked off its big Connections conference yesterday, and if you’re surprised the focus was on generative AI, you haven’t been paying attention.  Still, the focus this time was on marketing applications that draw on Salesforce CDP data, so it’s right up our alley.  They also announced direct access to Google BigQuery data, ticking the “zero-copy” box as well.

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