FTC to Examine Ten Years of Big Tech Acquisitions

Finally, in honor of President’s Day, our Who’s Buried in Grant’s Tomb Award goes to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which has announced it will examine every acquisition made by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in the past ten years to see if they were trying to stifle competition. Bets don’t get much safer.

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Data Quality Is a Losing Battle: O’Reilly Report

February 14, 2020

I couldn’t find another video story but you could make a great horror movie from this O’Reilly report on data quality. Open with a shot of data analyst angrily slamming down a newspaper article headlined “80% of organizations don’t follow data governance best practices”, follow her futile battle to gather enough resources to do her job, and end with her slowly going mad as she tries to reconcile endless, inconsistent data sources. Okay, maybe you won’t win an Oscar with that one.

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Ad Fontes Media Partners with The Trade Desk to Support Brand Safe Advertising

February 23, 2024

Ad Fontes Media, a company that rates news sites for reliability and bias, has announced the integration of its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic advertising platform. This will allow the screening out of highly partisan, AI-generated and clickbait sites, preferentially serving ads to sites containing quality journalism. Directing ad spend to low quality sites not only wastes dollars and threatens brand safety but de-monetizes quality news operations.

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