Google Limits Ad Targeting to Block Discrimination

Google has announced it will no longer allow marketers to target ads for housing, employment, or credit products based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or Zip Code. The change is aimed at blocking discrimination against disadvantaged groups. Coincidentally or not, it comes just as the Justice Department unveiled its long-expected anti-trust suit against the company.

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Neustar Launches Second-Party Data Marketplace

October 23, 2020

Second party data is shared by the company that collected it, while third party data is shared by aggregators who get it from the companies that collected it. Neustar’s new “Second Party Data Marketplace” blurs the distinction by offering consumer profiles from Neustar, ad exposures from, mobile shopping data from Scanbuy, and geo-location data from Foursquare. It’s all connected with Neustar’s own identity graph.

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Pandemic Has Increased Demand for Data Integration Technology: Precisely Report

October 21, 2020

That’s it for product news. We do have a study from data integrity vendor Precisely, which found that 66% of customer experience leaders believe building a 360-degree customer view will be essential in the post-COVID-19 world and 60% have become more interested in data integration technologies because of the pandemic. Less surprising: 86% have changed the CX strategy, 79% see more digital interactions, and 50% says customer now expect more seamless, integrated digital experiences.

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