Google Proposes Cookie-Free Approach to Programmatic Ad Targeting

Google has posted its latest proposal for privacy-safe programmatic ad targeting, called DOVEKEY, for discussion on GitHub. To preserve privacy, bids are made against anonymous interest group IDs rather than specific individuals. Work is shared between the browser and a trusted third-party server so there’s no need to trust Google to run the auctions itself. See the GitHub article and this DigiDay piece for details.

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Quotient Targets In-Store Digital Ads Based on Individual Data

September 28, 2020

Everyone’s favorite example of spooky personalization is Minority Report, and particularly the mall scene where advertising posters talk to specific individuals. I though that had finally happened when I saw that Quotient was offering in-store digital ads targeted with “proprietary shopper intent data and exclusive shopper purchase data”. But it turns out they’re just analyzing that data and then targeting locations that are most likely to attract particular audiences, not individuals. So at least one dystopian nightmare hasn’t come true in 2020. Yet.

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