IAB Defines Marketing AI Use Cases

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s AI working group just released a set of AI use cases for marketing.  The eight use cases are…oh, just click and read it for yourself.  And while you’re clicking, take a look at the IAB Tech Lab’s new set of proposed standards for addressability and privacy practices.

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Experience is Customers’ Highest Priority: The CMO Survey

March 12, 2021

Respondents to Duke Fuqua’s long-running The CMO Survey were in a cheery mood, with the highest optimism scores in three years and 72% believing that marketing has grown more important during the pandemic.  The good vibes extended to their view of customers, whom they felt value a good experience more than product quality, trust, service, price, and innovation.  Data integration for customer tracking is their fastest-growing investment.

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What If Media Group Builds Team of AI Models to Run Acquisition Campaigns

March 11, 2021

If you’re looking for concrete AI deployments, the What If Media Group just launched ARIA, an interconnected set of AI models that optimize customer acquisition campaigns.  Different models find the right audience, pick the best content for each person, select the right channel and send at the right time.  The system drives customer acquisition campaigns, which simplifies the task a bit because they target an immediate response.

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Grammarly Raises $200 Million to Help People Write Better

November 24, 2021

If robots wrote the news, would they write about other robots?  I ask because there’s been a suspicious burst of items about AI-powered writing tools, just when live journalists might have set things on autopilot so they could sneak out early for the holiday.  Top of the list: writing-suggestion platform Grammarly just raised $200 million at a $13 billion valuation, doubling total funding to $400 million.

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