In Brief: McDonald’s, which is known to produce more emissions than the country of Norway and which has been challenged to reduce its litter, has a new, but likely unpopular idea it may test in cooperation with Wales

That is to capture license plate numbers of customer cars and print them on meal bags, so those found littering after their McMeal can be identified. The Welsh government proposed this to other fast-food companies too, though it acknowledges whichever one goes first might find customers switching to others for privacy.

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Children’s Privacy: Meta adds privacy functionality for teens – though not totally by default

November 29, 2022

Meta announced new users of Instagram and Facebook under 16, and users under 18 in certain countries will be put by default into more private settings when they join Facebook. This seems good, though those users already on the app will only be encouraged to change settings for more privacy, rather than having their settings changed by the company. At the same time, Meta is testing ways to protect teens from suspicious adults and is building a platform to help keep intimate images from being posted online.

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Amazon Offers More Options for Creating Brand-Tailored Coupons

April 12, 2024

Discounts are becoming ever more important in the digital commerce space and Amazon has responded by enabling the creation of percentage or flat-rate discount coupons for tailored audiences. Brands will be able to target repeat customers, high-spend customers, recent customers or cart-abandoners. Additional audiences, such as promising customers and at-risk customers will be available in the U.S. only.

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