Infographics Work Great, Says Infographic World Report

Speaking of inexplicable, here’s a study from Infographic World that finds infographics are effective. What’s inexplicable isn’t the conclusion but that the report isn’t accompanied by an infographic. Perhaps someone was being deliberately ironic. If so, they definitely get style points.

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American Express Launches Lookalike Targeting Service

November 7, 2017

American Express has launched Amex Advance, a service that builds target marketing audiences by projecting the characteristics of Amex card holders onto similar consumers. It works by matching the Amex card holder list against lists owned by publishers, ad networks and marketing audience providers. All data is anonymized before matching and the matching itself is done by Acxiom, acting as a trusted third party. In case it’s not obvious: the point is give marketers alternatives to the data-rich targeting offered by Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other walled gardens.

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