News Raises $325 Million for Audience Measurement

We’re neck deep in ad news now, so let’s push on. has raised a $325 million private equity investment for its TV audience measurement service.  Previous funding totaled $58 million.  iSpot offers an alternative to Nielsen’s ratings, which is a good thing to do right now.

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Samsung Monitors TV Viewers to Expand Clients’ Media Reach

April 29, 2022

TV set maker Samsung is also helping to target ads. They’ve just launched Total Media Solution, a managed service that loads an advertiser’s media purchases into Samsung’s own Demand Side Platform, watches the ads received by each viewer, and makes incremental ad buys to reach to viewers who were not exposed. It’s a clever, if creepy, use of Samsung’s ability to monitor content consumption on its TVs.

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Simon Data Offers Expanded Identity Resolution

April 28, 2022

I have so many pet peeves I may open a zoo.  The first exhibit will be filled with people who assume that every CDP includes identity resolution features, even though we’ve been saying for years that many do not, and that’s okay because good third-party alternatives are available.  But for buyers who do want integrated ID resolution, Simon Data just launched Identity+, which uses third-party data and identity graphs to improve resolution rates and attach more addressable identifiers to customers.

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