IT’S THE LAW (06/21/2022)

Canada’s government introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act, a multipronged law intended to give individuals more control over how data is used, provide strict rules on use of AI, and boost enforcement of violations. Critics note it doesn’t limit user data collection, other than for minors. The law would, however, provide Canada’s Privacy Commissioner with broader powers to stop a company’s data collecting, and issue large fines for non-compliance, so hopefully it can be strengthened on its way to passage.

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Apple under investigation in Germany for privacy setting that may favor Apple over others

June 21, 2022

Apple, which has been held up as a company leading the way in privacy transparency, is being questioned again about whether its efforts also rig the system in its own favor by limiting information access to outside developers. In this case, Germany’s competition regulator, Bundeskartellamt, is looking into whether a recently added privacy setting that requires developers to get user consent to access “Identifier for Advertisers” on an app-by-app basis gives Apple unfair advantage, since it can access information directly as first-party data.

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