Just 62% of SMB Martech Apps Are Used Regularly: Capterra Report

Do marketers have too much tech?  This Capterra study of SMB marketers finds only 62% of apps are used regularly.  While 84% say their companies conduct regular software audits, just 34% limit non-IT employees’ ability to add new software.

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Industry Groups Rush to Address AI Concerns

June 9, 2023

Even if you ignore the more apocalyptic warnings about AI, there are plenty of issues to consider and industry groups are stepping up.  Publisher-backed trade group Digital Content Next just issued  seven principles – more of a guideline, really – to help protect creators’ rights.  Meanwhile, Publicis Group just became the first agency holding company to join the Coalition for Content Provenance Authenticity (C2PA), which is not to be confused with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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