Major retailers face Illinois biometric class action

A federal lawsuit filed in Illinois renews claims major retailers have been matching in-store surveillance camera images with biometric facial data scraped off the Internet by Clearview AI, presumably for the purpose of detecting shoplifters. The allegations claim victims’ images captured and able to be identified were in violation of Illinois’ BIPA privacy law. This new case has been filed because an attempt to tie it to a prior Macy’s case was disallowed for timing.

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Employees Suffer More than Customers from Poor Identity Management: Radian Logic Study

August 23, 2022

You can download this Radiant Logic study on identity management without sharing your email address, which may be the authors’ sly comment on the value of some customer information. Sure enough, the IT leaders who answered the survey were much more likely to worry about the impact of “identity sprawl” on employee frustration (46%) than on customer service (12%). They have a point: 60% said their company has more than 21 different identities per internal user, leading to all sorts of inefficiencies and security risks.

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LexisNexis accused of violating law protecting immigrant data

August 23, 2022

Data broker LexisNexis is accused in a Chicago-area lawsuit of selling personal information on immigrants to federal law enforcement and other third-party buyers without consent. Data included correctional bookings and vehicle collision and license plate data. Immigration advocacy groups involved pointed to a $22 million contract that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has for a LexisNexis product that enables instant access to personal data without warrants or subpoenas.

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