MediaMath Promises Brand-Safe Ad Placements

Programmatic ad platform MediaMath has launched “Curated Market”, a pool of ad placements guaranteed to be brand-safe. It’s one of many firms taking advantage of advertisers’ concerns that they are advertising on sites they don’t want to associate with their brands. Here’s another. This is a narrow issue but I think it draws on a much broader desire among marketers (and everyone else) to gain some control in the face of overwhelming technical complexity. Marketers increasingly feel that way about martech. If I were creating advertising right now, it’s a theme I’d explore.

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Companies Lack True Commitment to Customer Experience: DimensionData Research

April 13, 2017

Let’s stick with customer experience, although the news remains grim. A study from digital services vendor DimensionData finds that just 13% of organizations rate their customer experience at 9 of 10 or better, even though 71% say it’s their top strategic performance measure. Similarly, connected customer journeys via omnichannel solutions are the top-ranked technology trend for 2017 but 70% of companies have no or very few channels currently connected. A charmingly delusional 80% expect to have all or most channels connected within two years.

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CIAM Vendor Ping Identity Bought for $2.8 Billion by Private Investors

August 5, 2022

CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) was once largely about managing employee access to company systems, but it’s increasingly applied to consumer log-ins and identities as well.  This creates an overlap with the identity management systems more traditionally used for customer data.  The expanded market helps to explain why private investor Thoma Bravo just paid $2.8 billion for CIAM vendor Ping Identity, a 60% premium of its most recent stock price and just under 10x revenue.

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