Mirabel Technologies Adds Website Visitor Identification for Print Publishers

File this under “vertical solutions are way more common than you think”. Mirabel Technologies claims more than 15,000 print publications use its Web-based CRM for ad sales, billing and production. It just launched a marketing automation product whose stand-out feature is Web site visitor identification using either IP address or email. It also appends data to leads it identifies and does lead scoring based on Web behaviors.  Bear in mind this is about managing ad sales, not subscriber lists.  Also, it’s about Web sites for print publishers. Yes, it’s a tad confusing.

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SnapLogic Adds Automated Recommendations for Data integration

April 18, 2017

Can we issue a pre-emptive ban, or at least apply extreme vetting, on referring to artificial-intelligence-based products as “self-driving”? This SnapLogic announcement actually describes an AI-based feature that recommends steps in building data pipelines. That’s more like “AI-based back seat driving”, a description I don’t expect to catch fire. Crankiness aside, AI has a huge potential to simplify data integration. SnapLogic isn’t the first to use it that way but it’s still good they do.

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Millenials Are Biggest IT Security Threat: Cisco and The Ponemon Institute

April 14, 2017

Here’s one more big picture item: Millenial employees pose the biggest security risk facing IT, according to a survey from Citrix and The Ponemon Institute. The problem isn’t Millenials revolting against The Man, but their introduction of mobile devices and collaboration tools without approval of corporate IT. Another losing battle against chaos, it would seem. Happy Friday!

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