Native Voice Raises $14 Million for Voice-Enabled Product Builder

How often do you find yourself saying, I wish I had more apps to talk to?  Apparently, often enough that the folks at Native Voice have just raised $14 million for an app that listens for you to call other apps, and wakes them when summoned.  It’s a dream come true, if your dream happens to be The Brave Little Toaster.

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Consumers Would Reward Brands That Let Them Limit Advertising: Brave Study

July 23, 2021

Privacy-focused browser Brave has also been listening to consumers, with their permission of course.  They found that 70% of survey respondents find it creepy when they see online ads related to previous Web searches, and 81% would reward brands that gave them more control over how many ads they see.  Brave also ran a test that found ads served in an opt-in environment had a positive impact, but I didn’t see results compared with ads in a conventional environment.  

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