nFusz Launches Video-Based CRM

Blockchain is cool, but a “video-based CRM” sounds cooler. Interactive video company nFusz has just released one, called notifiCRM. It joins notifiWeb, notifADS, and notifLINKS in their stable. nFusz tech can embed clickable links within videos and also creates super-annoying attention-grabbing “walk out videos” that play on top of other applications. In addition to video distribution, NotifiCRM has the usual CRM functions such as list imports and drip campaigns.

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Marketo Reports on State of Customer Engagement (It’s Worse Than You Think)

August 25, 2017

Enough financial news. Here’s an 88-page report from Marketo on “engagement”. I was most intrigued to find that B2B buyers are consistently more demanding than B2C buyers when it comes to personalized treatments. Less surprising: 85% of marketers think their organization provides a consistent experience across channels but 56% of consumers think brands could do a better job. Tech was cited by marketers as the biggest obstacle to doing better. And much, much more….remember, 88 pages.

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