Place Exchange Offers Ads on 33,000 Connected Golf Carts

Here’s something to debate if your holiday party gets boring: are golf cart screens out of home (OOH) media or connected TVs?  Apparently, the answer is OOH, since programmatic OOH ad seller Place Exchange just inked a deal to sell ads on 33,000 interactive golf cart screens. Extra trivia points: the screens are managed by Shark Experience, which was developed by champion golfer Greg Norman.

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CIAM Vendor Ping Identity Bought for $2.8 Billion by Private Investors

August 5, 2022

CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) was once largely about managing employee access to company systems, but it’s increasingly applied to consumer log-ins and identities as well.  This creates an overlap with the identity management systems more traditionally used for customer data.  The expanded market helps to explain why private investor Thoma Bravo just paid $2.8 billion for CIAM vendor Ping Identity, a 60% premium of its most recent stock price and just under 10x revenue.

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