PriceSpider Makes Everything Shoppable

PriceSpider spans online and offline channels, using QR codes to turn anything with a physical or virtual surface into a potential point of purchase.  Decide for yourself whether that’s a dream come true or nightmare.

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Ladorian and inReality Target POS Messages Based on Shopper Behaviors

April 19, 2021

Ladorian delivers messages to point-of-sale devices, using AI to tailor each message based on everything from inventory to weather to shopper behavior patterns (but not individual profiles). They’ve just added inputs from inReality, which uses in-store cameras to classify the mood, age, gender, and behavior of individual shoppers at specific locations (without identifying them).  Is anonymous surveillance an oxymoron?

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Personalized Experiences Least-Favored Way to Improve Loyalty: Persado Survey

April 16, 2021

Marketers rate personalized experiences below better customer experience, better onboarding, more offering awareness, and even more flexible payment terms in their plans to increase loyalty, according to this Persado survey.    Very interesting, although the real focus of the survey was the use of artificial intelligence in marketing.  In a nutshell: it’s growing, profitable, and increasingly used to create content.  Download for details.

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