Progress Software Announces Codeless Automated Decisions

“Serverless business rules” may sound like a bit of optimistic restaurant graffiti. But it’s actually how Progress Software describes its tool for automated decision-making, Corticon.js. Business analysts and other citizen developer types can embed rules within JavaScript applications without coding and without connecting to a server. Tastes like freedom.

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Amperity Launches New Lakehouse Offering

May 17, 2024

Amperity has launched Lakehouse CDP,  which delivers CDP functions within “lakehouse” data stores including Snowflake and Databricks.  Amperity tools for data modeling, data quality, identity resolution, generative AI, segmentation, and performance measurement will send all results to a company’s own lakehouse rather than a separate Amperity-managed database. Modules can be used independently but the real benefit here is that Amperity is one of the few “composable” CDP vendors who offer a complete set of pre-integrated CDP functions.

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