PropellerAds opens new office in India

PropellerAds, a leading advertising and marketing technology company based in Limassol, Cyprus, has announced the inauguration of a new office in Bangalore, India. The new office will help the advertising and marketing technology company benefit from India’s already well-established industry.

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Nigeria’s fitted is using machine learning to make the tailoring industry more efficient

May 18, 2023

Nigerian startup fitted has developed a digital platform that uses machine learning to eliminate inefficiencies in the custom tailoring industry. With its proprietary AI tool, the startup auto-generates and stores customer measurements, cutting down measurement time by around 90 per cent. Its cloud-based platform allows tailors to process and track orders, accept payments globally, connect to suppliers, and engage directly with their customers.

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Web Werks launches data center in Hyderabad

May 18, 2023

Indian data center operator Web Werks has launched a new data center in Hyderabad in partnership with Iron Mountain. The Web Werks – Iron Mountain Data Centers Joint Venture (JV) announced the launch of its first data center on its campus in the city, located in Telangana state. Located in the Kondapur region in Hyderabad, the Tier III quality HYD-1 data center spans 120,000 square feet (11,100 sqm) and offers 5.5MW of IT load in its first phase.

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One-Third of Marketers Will Buy a CDP This Year: Optimove Survey

May 31, 2023

Just over one-third of marketers plan to either buy a new CDP (21%) or replace an existing one (13%) this year, according to this Optimove survey. Unfortunately, it doesn’t report how many have a CDP already in place, which would put the other values in perspective. It does seem that CDPs are a relatively low priority: they rank sixth on the list of new systems and eighth on the list of systems to replace.

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