Salesforce Moves Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure

Lest we neglect Salesforce and Microsoft: those two have expanded their relationship by moving the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. The switch will improve performance, enhance scalability, and reduce deployment times. Not that those were problems. The companies also plan to connect Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds with Microsoft Teams.

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Mobivity Ties Individual-Level Promotion Offers to Redemptions

November 14, 2019

Self-updating CRM files and hands-free integration pipelines may seem magical, but the real miracle would be connecting marketing programs to business results. Mobivity is addressing that challenge with a new feature that assigns a unique, customer-specific ID to marketing promotions and then captures the ID when a promotional offer is redeemed. The offers can be delivered by Mobivity’s own text messages or receipt-printed promotions or shared through external channels.

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