Shoppable Ads Are Up Despite Over-All Ad Spend Decline: Kenshoo Report

Shoppable ads are a big trend I’ve noticed but not covered because the announcements are so narrowly product-specific. Kenshoo has come to my rescue with its quarterly report on digital advertising, which highlights over-all growth in product-specific shopping ads (up 87% to 100% year-on-year) despite the over-all slowdown in paid social (down 13%) and paid search (down 9%). Thanks, Kenshoo!

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Neustar Adds Cross-Channel Identity Resolution Services

July 31, 2020

There are so many companies offering cookie-free identification solutions that I may just stop treating their announcements as news. But for now let’s report that Neustar has launched Fabrik, a unified identity “ecosystem” drawing on Neustart’s proprietary huge cache of cross-channel customer identity matches. So long as you have one personal identifier, Neustar can connect that with other IDs for the same individual. Applications include individual-level targeting, personalization, data enrichment, and media measurement.

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