SnapLogic Improves Automated Integration

That rasping sound you hear is me scraping the bottom of the news barrel, Dear Reader. Best I can offer today is an announcement from no-code integration platform SnapLogic of new enterprise automation capabilities including an AI-powered visual interface, prebuilt process automations, and quick-start features for data warehousing.

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Privacy-Preserving Tech Gains Top-Tier Funding

August 25, 2020

Aphersis raises €2.5M for privacy-safe data sharing Aphersis, which ensures secure, private data collaboration and analysis for global pharma, manufacturing and telecom companies, has just received seed funding from top-tier investors, including Twitter’s board chair. The company uses decentralized computing, federated learning and cryptographic protocols to make it possible to share highly sensitive data.

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Mobile Device Usage Grew 25% During Lockdowns: App Annie Research

August 22, 2020

If you’ve been wondering how much mobile device usage grew during the pandemic, App Annie has some answers: mobile hours were up 25% compared with the second half of 2019 and ad placements in June 2020 were 70% higher than June 2019. PubMatic’s quarterly mobile ad report found similar growth and a surge in ads bought through private marketplaces: these are expected to account for 51% of programmatic mobile ad spending, exceeding the volume on open exchanges. Private marketplaces offer less risk of inappropriate placements than open exchanges.

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