Social Native Acquires Olapic to Expand User-Generated Content Services

Social Native applies advanced analytics to match brands with social media content creators. They just bought Olapic, which helps brands source user-generated visual content. The combined firm will apply Social Native’s analytics to Olapic’s content collection. Makes sense.

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Accretive Media Retargets Out-of-Home Ad Viewers on Connected TVs

October 1, 2020

Remember how we decided on Monday that individually-targeted out-of-home ads are still science fiction? The line between fantasy and reality just got even thinner with news that Accretive Media can now send connected TV ads to people who saw a particular digital out-of-home ad. They don’t explain how this happens but apparently they’re tracking mobile devices to know who was near each screen.

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Consumers Prefer Effective Service Over Recognition: CCW Digital Report

September 29, 2020

In our on-going campaign to convince you that consumers care more about convenience than personalization, here’s a study for CallMiner by CCW Digital. They found the most important attributes of customer service are accurate information and resolution (42%) and speed and efficiency (33%). Proving they know you was dead last at 2%. Lots more here if you want to know what consumers say makes a good experience.

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Real-Time Data Leads to Quicker Growth: Confluent Survey

May 24, 2022

No one really doubts that real-time data is useful, but here’s more concrete data in case you’ve been arguing the point: this Confluent survey of IT leaders finds 63% of companies with widespread access to real-time data showed 10% or higher revenue growth, compared with just 44% of companies with only some access grew as fast.  Integrating multiple data sources was the most common obstacle to real-time access, cited by 60% of respondents.

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