Tech Managers Think AI is Vital But Lack Resources: Feefo Study

Meanwhile, online review collector feefo asked 100 senior IT decision makers about artificial intelligence and found its sets their geeky little hearts aflutter: 96% said AI will have a positive effect on customer engagement and 66% said failure to adopt it would harm their competitiveness. Nearly half (47%) thought the Chief Technology Officer was in charge of AI, compared with just 36% naming the CEO and 26% naming a Chief Digital Officer. Only 19% thought they had adequate resources to actually develop AI technology but a super-optimistic 82% were confident their board and senior managers understand AI sufficiently.

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Bottos Creates Blockchain-Fueled Marketplace for AI Training Data

April 17, 2018

All the cool kids (and that definitely includes you, Dear Reader) know that cryptocurrencies use blockchain and that the only thing cooler than blockchain by itself is using blockchain to pay for data. Bottos ups the ante still further by using blockchain to track and pay for data that’s used to train artificial intelligence. It’s so cool my fingers feel cold just writing about it. AND their Data Marketplace will include a rating system for AI companies and data providers to ensure transparency. I need gloves.

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Most Marketing Ops Teams Are Centralized: Perkuto Study

August 15, 2022

Have you been debating whether marketing operations should be centralized or decentralized?  Neither have we, but it’s still interesting to learn that 59% of Marketo users told Perkuo their marops were centralized, 30% hybrid, and 5% decentralized.  More here on most- and least-used capabilities and most common weaknesses.  Is “marops” a thing?  “Markops” would be cooler, since it sounds like “marketing cops”.

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