Thunderhead Announces Automated Individual-Level Journey Design

Customer journey orchestration engine Thunderhead has announced a ThunderBay, an AI-driven platform that creates individual-level optimized cross channel journeys. The system deals with the interdependencies among events, history, time, and path which overwhelm conventional methods. All good, even though the press release includes a gratuitous swipe at “CDPs and their ilk.” Ilk?

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Shoppers Want More Personalized Promotions: enVista Survey

February 27, 2020

Retail is another industry supported by several specialist CDPs. Speaking of retail (see how I did that?), this enVista study finds big gaps between the personalization that retail shoppers want and the personalization they’re getting. For example, 74% of shoppers want personalized promotions and discounts but just 35% of retailers have implemented that successfully. Consumers are much less enthusiastic about suggested selling based on social media activity (31%) but almost as many retailers provide it (24%).

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Just 17% of Martech System Replacements Are Home-Built: MarTech Report

July 7, 2022

The build-vs-buy debate never ends, and sometimes build really makes sense.  But buy is clearly the way to bet: just 17% of martech replacement projects chose a homegrown solution this year, according to this MarTech survey.  That’s down from 31% the year before.  CDPs were among the least common replacements, maybe because they’re awesome and maybe because most CDP implementations are fairly new.  Download for more fun facts.

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