Tune Delivers Marketing Metrics via Slack Chatbot

Along similar lines, it’s interesting that mobile martech developer Tune presents natural language access to marketing metrics as a chatbot.  Apparently they feel that will get more attention.  The “tunebot” is accessed via Slack, where it acts like just another team member.  On Slack, no one knows you’re a bot.

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French Publishers Band Together to Compete with Facebook and Google

July 11, 2017

Who needs Game of Thrones when we can watch Google and Facebook battle with publishers to control the marketing world? Jumping right into Season 11, we find unrest in France, where media vassals have created the Gravity Alliance, which pools their data resources to offer a programmatic advertising alternative to the overlords. But there’s already dissent among the rebels: two other publisher consortia have emerged that let advertisers book digital campaigns across their combined properties but don’t provide a merged data pool.

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