Unqork Raises $207 Million Series C for No-Code Software Building

Since no day is complete without a no-code story, we’ll report that no-code software development platform Unqork has raised a $207 million Series C, bringing their total to $365 million. Maybe now they can afford another “u”.

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Okta Launches No-Code Identity Automation

October 8, 2020

Many proposed replacements for third party cookies rely on Web site visitors logging in during their visits. This means marketers will have to pay more attention to companies like Okta, whose strength is the sort of identity management traditionally associated with logging in employees and other computer system users. Okta had several announcements today, including a Salesforce partnership for, new SDK for biometric-based, passwordless authentication, and no-code option to build identity management workflows. The rise of no-code also reflects the rejection of expertise.

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