Verizon Media Uses Real-Time Signals to Target Anonymous Individuals

Verizon Media’s new Next-Gen Solutions use AI to help replace cookies, by applying machine learning to predict behavior of anonymous users based on real-time data such as location, device type and weather.  Verizon Media has a separate product, ConnectID, to target ads when a company does know user identity.

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Personalized Experiences Least-Favored Way to Improve Loyalty: Persado Survey

April 16, 2021

Marketers rate personalized experiences below better customer experience, better onboarding, more offering awareness, and even more flexible payment terms in their plans to increase loyalty, according to this Persado survey.    Very interesting, although the real focus of the survey was the use of artificial intelligence in marketing.  In a nutshell: it’s growing, profitable, and increasingly used to create content.  Download for details.

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Wyng Launches Zero-Party Data Portal and Recommendations

April 16, 2021

Why settle for replacing third party data with second- or first-party data when you can take it all the way to zero, asked no one ever.  But that hasn’t stopped Wyng from touting its zero-party data solutions, which get customers to intentionally share their data through quizzes, surveys, product finders, and such.  The company has just added two new components: a portal to let customers directly update their information and a zero-party-data-based recommendation engine.

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