WIREWAX Enables Commerce on Chromecast Streaming TV

Every channel wants to be a shopping channel these days. Interactive video platform WIREWAX has just launched a new app that lets Chromecast users pause streaming videos to see information and make purchases. Users can even “turn any paused frame into a playful shareable meme with creative graphic layers”. Some people must have a lot of time on their hands.

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CDPs Deliver Value But Could Be Better: Twilio Segment Research

December 11, 2020

Eighty percent of CDP users say their system has helped to meet customer expectations, according to this Forrester study for Twilio Segment. But they want more: just 31% said they were satisfied with their current solution and 65% expect to increase investment in data tools. The biggest gaps relate to activation: using automation to unify customer touchpoints and applying real-time insights to customer interactions.

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European Commission Issues Guidelines for Search Ranking Transparency

December 9, 2020

Speaking of trust, European regulators don’t trust tech giants to treat their competitors fairly. Nor does anyone else, but the EU is doing something about it. Their latest step is a set of guidelines for documenting how search ranking algorithms work. The guidelines aren’t legally binding but they offer strong hints for how the EU wants the platforms to comply with the Platform-to-Business Regulation (P2B), which is.

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Just 17% of Martech System Replacements Are Home-Built: MarTech Report

July 7, 2022

The build-vs-buy debate never ends, and sometimes build really makes sense.  But buy is clearly the way to bet: just 17% of martech replacement projects chose a homegrown solution this year, according to this MarTech survey.  That’s down from 31% the year before.  CDPs were among the least common replacements, maybe because they’re awesome and maybe because most CDP implementations are fairly new.  Download for more fun facts.

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