Yieldmo Builds Cookieless Ad Exchange

Adtech vendor Yieldmo has introduced a cookieless ad exchange, which classifies inventory based on a wide range of contextual signals including situation, topic, environment, and customer behavior.  Think of it as contextual targeting on steroids.  The good news according to Yieldmo is their approach lets publishers sell non-addressable inventory that would otherwise be undervalued.

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Neutronian Certifies Cookieless Data Collectors

June 18, 2021

It may not rank with to-may-toe vs to-mah-to, but surely someone cares whether it’s spelled “cookieless” or “cookie-less”. The consensus among press release writers seems to be hyphenless, so I’ll report that data quality measurement firm Neutronian has launched a program to certify that suppliers of marketing data have followed a cookieless recipe. The certification covers consent standards, opt-in/out processes, privacy and compliance disclosures, sourcing transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology and processing, and performance.

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