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Optimove is the leading CRM Marketing Platform. With a Customer Data Platform at its core, Optimove autonomously transforms customer data into actionable insights, empowering marketing teams to create and manage large-scale, customer-led journeys. Optimove’s CRM Journeys leverage AI to autonomously surface valuable customer segments, orchestrate self-optimizing CRM journeys, and accurately deliver the marketing interaction of highest incremental impact. Optimove is used by leading brands including Dollar Shave Club, Entain, Papa John’s, Penn National, and Staples, to maximize customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value.


  • Bespoke customer model built by Optimove’s Data Science team based on clients’ customer data.
  • Predictive model based on customer data, machine learning and AI that surfaces actionable customer insights and generates predictions such as Future Value and Risk of Churn to enrich your segmentation options.
  • Smart campaign orchestration engine based on both real time and historical data ensures customers receive the most relevant message across marketing channels for all customer interactions.
  • Incremental contribution measurement of each single or series of campaigns to custom business KPIs.
  • Marketing performance optimization based on machine learning and AI for self-optimizing campaigns and customer journeys as well as the surfacing of actionable recommendations.

Vendor Resources

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