Optimove Adds Direct Access to Profiles in Snowflake

I wish I had several Snowflake news items today, so I could call it a blizzard and amuse myself for two seconds.  But all I have it this announcement that Optimove now allows direct access to Optimove data that’s stored in Snowflake.  I can still point out that every Snowflake instance is unique.

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Foundry Packages Contact-Level B2B Intent Data

October 21, 2022

Foundry is the publishing and martech part of IDG, which also owns the IDC research firm and is itself owned by the Blackstone investment group.  They just released a contact-level intent data product based on information gathered from titles like CIO and Infoworld, 800+ annual events, and tech including KickFire and LeadSift.  It’s more evidence that the death of third party data is greatly exaggerated.

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Uber, DoorDash and Volta Expand Ad Delivery

October 20, 2022

We do have a convoy of stories related to transportation ads. Uber has launched an advertising division that will, among other things, target ads at individuals based on data it collects across its mobility and delivery businesses. You remember consenting to that, right? Also “electric vehicle (“EV”) charging and media company” Volta is making its ads available programmatically using Vistar Media technology. And delivery company DoorDash has also expanded its self-service ad platform.

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