Amazon’s Twitch game platform confirms a massive breach

Twitch, a platform for video game and e-sport broadcasts, is investigating the extent of a breach that 4chan claims to be about 128GB of data, including source codes and user payout information.

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Consumers Use Social Media Despite Knowing It Harms Them: Reboot Foundation, The Verge

October 12, 2021

Speaking of things that shouldn’t surprise you: consumers use social media even though they know it’s bad for them. Reboot Foundation found that more than half of respondents felt social media made them feel bad, but only one-third had taken steps to cut back and over 70% said you’d have to pay them at least $10,000 to quit. Similarly, The Verge found that unfavorable opinions of social media increased during the pandemic, but consumers still see Facebook as the best way to connect with friends and family.  

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Industry Groups Seek Alternatives to Old-School TV Measurement

October 19, 2021

TV audience measurement may not be the most fascinating topic ever, but it’s important to some Dear Readers.  Those will be interested to learn that NBCUniversal is organizing a forum to explore new measurement products.  Participants include major trade groups, agencies, and brands.  Motivations include the new TV viewing methods and problems with the once-standard Nielsen ratings service.

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