Australia-developed hydrogen ‘game-changer’ technology being trialed in UK

An Australian-developed technology to convert ammonia into green hydrogen is being trialed in the United Kingdom, with hopes the Fortescue Future Industries-backed method will help turbocharge the uptake of hydrogen as a clean energy source, especially for fuel cells. The new “cracker” technology will convert ammonia into green hydrogen for electricity generation and could have future uses for vehicles such as fuel-cell electric buses and replacement diesel generators. The technology has big implications for developing green hydrogen at an industrial scale, given the fuel can be transported via ammonia.

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Credit Clear maps out three-year plan, eyes triple market share in AustraliaTech

December 22, 2022

Credit Clear (CCR), which provides tech solutions to the debt collections industry has just mapped out a three-year plan to triple its market share in Australia. The company anticipates revenue to grow to $100 million per annum over this period, underpinning an “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization” (EBITDA) growth to $25-30 million per annum. CCR currently has a 1.4% market penetration in the Australian debt collection industry worth $2.5 billion.

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Amazon Offers More Options for Creating Brand-Tailored Coupons

April 12, 2024

Discounts are becoming ever more important in the digital commerce space and Amazon has responded by enabling the creation of percentage or flat-rate discount coupons for tailored audiences. Brands will be able to target repeat customers, high-spend customers, recent customers or cart-abandoners. Additional audiences, such as promising customers and at-risk customers will be available in the U.S. only.

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