Basic Personalization and Targeting Are Still Top Retail Challenges: RIS News

Next up is a survey by Retail Info Systems of senior retail executives. Top strategy for customer engagement and loyalty was in-store personalization. Integrating online and offline capabilities ranked third and “holistic customer-centricity” was a lowly number eight. Similarly, customer segmentation and targeting was the most-cited challenge while omnichannel engagement ranked fourth and consolidating application and data silos was ninth. In other words: most retailers are still wrestling with basic marketing technology.

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Voice Changes Everything: Invoca Study

January 10, 2018

Voice-based devices get plenty of attention but I still don’t think people recognize how entirely they will change the world in general (the walls will literally be listening) and marketing in particular (no more visual advertising). This report from Invoca covers some of the territory, finding that 20% of searches are already done by voice, 61% of people will listen to voice ads, and 73% of voice assistant owners have already bought something through it. Can you hear me now?

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